Injury targeted

Injury Targeted

Our non-invasive holistic manner is to target your injury through chiropractic methods such as adjustments to correct alignment issues, lessen pain and improve functionality.

Injury Targeted Treatments

Wellness Targeted

Wellness Targeted

Providing Physical Therapy for an injury is just the first step to recovery. The injured areas are learning how to work again and we will help you to keep them well.

Wellness Targeted Treatments

Strength Targeted

Strength Targeted

Our goal in not to just fix your injury or ease your pain, but to strengthen your core, to make the area of pain and your body stronger with more natural range and positive change.

Strength Targeted Treatments

Strength Targeted

Sport Injuries

A sports injury chiropractor not only focuses on the problem area after an injury but provides preventive care as well. This treatment focuses on the most used areas and targets them to improve strength and mobility.

Sport Injuries Treatments

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