Our Core Values

This is our core values and littearly what drives us.

mero los cortijos de lourdes

Chiropractic practice 360 Physical Medicine


  • I am proud to be a part of this company
  • I do what is best for the organization and the patients
  • I work hard for the growth of the organization
  • This is measured in daily actions
  • I treat co workers and practice members like family

Commit to Excellence

  • I accept responsibility for my actions
  • I understand we only get one first impression and I always make it count
  • I can work independently
  • I am on time every time
  • I value reputation over profit
mero los cortijos de lourdes


  • I always have a positive attitude
  • I see the silver lining
  • I approach every situation with compassion

Service and Customer above all

  • I focus on the needs of our patients and deliver services accordingly
  • I strive to exceed expectations
  • I strive to always create a WOW factor

Go Above and Beyond

  • I am committed to delivering the best Everything for our prospective practice members as well as current practice members
  • I hold myself to a higher standard

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Chiropractic methods such as adjustments to correct alignment issues, lessen pain and improve functionality.

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